Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sources for the Westerbork Serenade

Books: Boulevard Des Miseres by Jacob Boas,
An Interrupted Life, the Diaries of Etty Hillesum, Letters From Westerbork by Etty Hillesum,
Berlin Cabaret by Peter Jelavich,
Year of Fear, A Jewish Prisoner Waits For Auschwitz by Philip Mechanicus,
Cabaret Performance Volume Two, Europe 1920-1940by Laurence Senelick, Special thanks to Prof. Senelick of Tufts University for permission to use his translations.

Interviews with Westerbork survivors: Louis Dewijze, Jack Polak, Hans Margules and Hannelore Cahn,

Other sources: A’Dam Berlijn, Denk Vandaag Niet Aan Morgen
Recording from the Neederlands Theater Instituut,

Johnny and Jones, Maak Het Donker In Het Donker, Opnamen uit de period 1938-’44, Nederlands Jazz Archief, recording. And Two Kids and a Guitar, Panachord DH2051

Willy Rosen, Text und Musik Von Mir! And Wenn Ich Den Text Nicht Weiter Kann, Musik Antik am Weidenstieg, recording

Prisoner of Paradise, (A documentary about Kurt Gerron), by Malcom Clarke and Stuart Sender

The United States Memorial Holocaust Museum Picture Archive
The Internet

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