Thursday, November 4, 2010

Total verückt

Here are a couple shows that are going on in the Netherlands while we are there:

(Pictured left: Abke Bruins as Anne Frank (ANP), Right: the add for "Shoah" a musical)

01-11-10 06:33 uur HOORN - In theater het Park in Hoorn gaat maandagavond de Nederlandse versie van de musical Je Anne in première. De muzikale theatervoorstelling is gebaseerd op het Dagboek van Anne Frank. Abke Bruins (24) speelt de hoofdrol. Ze is pas afgestudeerd aan de Fontys Academie in Tilburg en maakt hiermee haar debuut.

Thom Hoffman speelt Otto Frank en Levi van Kempen kruipt in de huid van Peter van Pels. De regie is in handen van de Vlaming Frank van Laecke (Rembrandt, Anatevka), die in 1994 al tekende voor een eerdere bewerking van Je Anne.

De van oorsprong Amerikaanse muzikale voorstelling speelt zich af in het Achterhuis in de periode 1942-1944. De voorstelling onderscheidt zich volgens producent Mark Vijn van andere toneelproducties en films over Anne Frank door het verhaal van de onderduikers nergens te dramatiseren en vast te houden aan de dagboekfragmenten

Je Anne reist langs tachtig Nederlandse theaters. Met de voorstelling reist een tentoonstelling mee die te zien zal zijn in de theaterfoyers. (ANP)


11/01/1910 6:33 hours HORN - In the Park Theatre on Monday evening in Hoorn is the Dutch version of the musical premiered Yours, Anne. The musical theater is based on the diary of Anne Frank. Abke Bruins (24) plays the lead role. She just graduated from the Fontys Academy in Tilburg and this makes her debut.

Thom Hoffman plays Otto Frank and Levi van Kempen step into the shoes of Peter van Pels. Governance is owned by the Fleming Frank Laecke (Rembrandt, Anatevka) in 1994 already signed for an earlier treatment of Yours, Anne.

The origins of American musical performance takes place in the Secret in the period 1942-1944. The presentation differs according to producer Mark Vijn other stage productions and films about Anne Frank by the story of the hiding nowhere to dramatize and to maintain the diary

Yours, Anne travels to eighty Dutch theaters. The show travels with an exhibition that will be shown in the theater lobbies. (Reuters)

And then there is this one: Life interrupted: Shoah a Musical

I think Xaviera is taking me to this one.
check out the trailer: (cut and paste the link below)

At the moment, I am thinking of a book called After Dachau by Daniel Quinn (2001). The story is set in 4000 AD (AD being the time After the pivotal battle in the Dachau concentration camp where the evil Jews were finally defeated thus opening the new era of an all Arian world ) The hero who studies reincarnation meets a person who was once born as a black artist centuries ago. She points him to some relics of ancient "modern" art,made by Jews; as well as a strange old diary, written in that dead language, Dutch. the diary tells of a Jewish girl's time in hiding.
History-who writes it? What is left when all the players are gone?
Are we cheapening it?
should I wear a yamika?
I wonder what Native Americans feel when tourists point out their regalia? "Oh look Jr. a real live Indian chief"

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