Thursday, October 15, 2009

New documentary will feature a play about Johnny and Jones

I was contacted a few weeks ago from Holland by TV producer,Erga Netz.
Abrahami-Netz TV Productions
( )
is putting together a documentary about the play: Meneer Dinges (Mistar What's-His-Name)
The piece is titled: Dream Swings, echoes of Johnny and Jones.
(see excerpt at: )
Ms. Netz was looking to interview Sarah Gabriella Waisvisz, the step granddaughter to the widow of Max Kannewaser, aka Jones (see blog entry from Nov 12 2008).
I was very pleased to connect Netz and Waisvisz who will be meeting in Holland in December. I am also extremely intrigued to hear of an other play about some of the performers in Lager Westerbork.
It is my hope also that we can perhaps run our shows in repertory both in the Netherlands and the US. Keep your fingers crossed.