Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Berlin Students Present Westerbork Story

In January I received this message From two students in Berlin, Sonja Eichstädt and Sophia Galandi:
"We are students from Berlin and we work on a school presentation dealing with the Jewish Culture Association. Thereby we are also interested in the cabaret stars who were performing in the Westerbork camp. On your Internet page we found some short audio sequences of interviews with survivors. We would like to ask if the complete interviews are available and if you might send them to us. That would be a great enrichment for our project."
Thus began an extended correspondence between us.
I sent them old cassettes from interviews I made in 1997 and 1998 (see, History) and referred them to different sources.
Today I just got word that the presentation was a success:
"We are relieved that our presentation is over and we hope that we will get a(very) good mark :-)The marks will be released in May.
In the examination talk we told our teachers about your work and that we contacted you and they were very enthusiastic about that!!
There is a picture of us (I am left), a poster of the Bunter Abend Show (we colored it in and printed it out to show it)"

It is very heartening to know that interest and study about Westerbork and the Shoah continue to be important for upcoming generations.
Good luck with your studies ladies!

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