Thursday, July 10, 2008

Westerbork Site Tells Fate of Relative

Gunther Witepski (Seen top with Camilla Spira in a sketch: "V and the OD", left in the next picture from the sketch: "In Der schule") was listed as a writer and performer in the Westerbork Revue programs from "Humor Und Melodie" (September 1943) and "Bravo Da Capo" (October 1943). Gunther's Nephew Michael contacted me from Johannesburg after having seen Gunther's picture on the history page of our web site. Michael's father, Wilhelm Witepski fled to South Africa in the 1930's and never knew his brother's fate. Gunther does not appear in any shows after "Bravo Da capo" and probably left on a transport in November 1943. Gunther died in Auschwitz in March of 1944. For more info see:

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